Most difficult task for SVRR is the rehabilitation of Mentally Challenged people. Still there is not enough awareness in the society that Mentally Challenged person can achieve goal and deliver equal amount of work when compared with normal person. Yes, it is a fact, there are limitations for type of work a Mentally Challenged can handle. But there are several jobs which require minimum skill and a Mentally Challenged can be easily employed for such jobs. They work sincerely to complete the production targets. We hope, a time will come, when society will realize their capacity and good days will come in the life of Mentally Challenged.

One of the primary goals of SVRR is to rehabilitate the mentally backward individuals. Post completing their vocational training, we encourage them to seek employment as telephone operators, gas station attendant, working in libraries, in offices, in shops etc. Some individuals opt for self-employment, wherein we aid the setup of their enterprise and check its feasibility. The BMC provides roadside stalls and kiosks for the mentally challenged to be trained and be able to stand on their own feet. The foundation also pays a stipend to their learners for the articles they create and the work they do. This further motivates them and pushes them to excel further. Also, many individuals who were trained at the Center opt to seek employment at SVRR itself. A classic example is one of our ex trainees Mr. Rajesh Parmar who has been employed by SVRR for last several years. We are very proud to inform that he is recipient of National and State Award.