Counseling & Health Care Centre

Counseling plays an important role in their lives. Hence we have arranged counselors who educate and guide our trainees and parents, which help them to take care of their physical and emotional need.

At SVRR we believe that a good mind resides in a health body. To encourage mental stability, we strive to first improve their health and immunity. With this as our forethought, we initiated our own ‘Counseling & Health Care Center’ at our Tardeo Centre. We have visiting doctors and homeopaths that regularly visit SVRR.

Dr. Ami Shah counsels using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Tapping the end points of the energy meridians with the fingertips is the basis of this technique. Dr. Roma Antani, a renowned homeopathy physician, visits us once a month with her team. She investigates the history of the individual, who requires medication and discusses with their parents before prescribing.

We also arrange ‘Medical Camps’ regularly with the help of prominent Doctors based in Mumbai. This includes Dental Check-up; Eye check-up, osteoporosis check-up Heart Functioning check-up, Blood Group check-up etc. All trainees and their parents reap complete benefits of these camps.

We regularly organize ‘Parents Meetings’. Trainees remain with us for about 5 to 6 hours only. During this period they might behave with decorum, but at home there might be a change in their behavior. So, in the parents meeting, we interact with Parents and try to understand their problems. Our Experts and Social Worker give them proper advice to overcome the problems. Even after completion of training, our Social Workers follow up with the trainees and their parents.